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InterAksyon.com: FDCP launches ‘genre’ film scriptwriting contest

Budding and veteran screenwriters need not fancy themselves as the next Ricky Lee or Armando “Bing” Lao to make their mark in the industry.

For the most part, they may only need to specialize in at least one film genre to find their niche. It also wouldn’t hurt to join the very first “Genre” Film Scriptwriting Contest recently launched by the Film Development Council of the Philippines.

As part of its efforts to lay the groundwork for its modified 2014 Sineng Pambansa National Film Festival scheduled for June of next year, the FDCP is inviting all Filipino scriptwriters to participate in this nationwide competition that “aims to focus on ‘genre’ filmmaking with 12 entries exploring the possibilities of an entire spectrum of cinematic types with vast domestic and global appeal.”

According to the FDCP, the genres included are action, comedy, fantasy, horror, thriller, futuristic and a hybrid of any two or three. The lead government agency for film said the contest is open to all Filipino scriptwriters so even seasoned veterans like Lee and Lao can also submit entries. However, each writer can only submit one entry.

After the 12 winning scripts for each qualified genre are announced this December, the FDCP shall invite prospective independent producers, film studios and film divisions of TV networks with which a co-production agreement shall be proposed.

The resulting films will then be part of the official selection for the Sineng Pambansa National Film Festival of 2014 called “The Masters ‘Genre’ Film Festival”.

A panel of independent jurors composed of accomplished scriptwriters and cinema experts plus one FDCP staff member will determine the winning entries through a “meritorious process”. The jurors, however, need not award 12 winning entries if there are not enough scripts worthy of being adjudged as winners.

In addition to producing the winning scripts, the FDCP will also award cash prizes to the winning writers with the first six best earning P200,000 and the next six taking home P100,000.

The FDCP did not directly address the possibility of winning scriptwriters wanting to direct their own winning scripts in the cases of many writer-directors who would also want to join the contest.

The agency, however, did point out that “the sole prerogative to conscript directors to interpret the films out of the winning scripts lies with the FDCP film committee in concurrence with the prospective co-producers.”

Entry forms must be duly accomplished and submitted with the completed screenplay entry. The scriptwriters may also choose to submit the forms, without the completed entry, in order to accordingly signify an interest of participation.

No entry shall be accepted beyond the deadline set on September 30. The winners will be announced on December 16. For more information and to download the official entry form, visit www.fdcp.ph.


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