STORIFY | Daiana Menezes claims she’s a battered girlfriend – STORIFY | Daiana Menezes claims she’s a battered girlfriend

Daiana Menezes.

Just last January, Brazilian model, actress and TV host Daiana Menezes was a picture of bliss when she announced that she will be marrying her fiancé, Cagayan de Oro Rep. Jose Benjamin “Benjo” Benaldo, by the middle of this year.

It’s already the middle of the year this month and not only is there no wedding date announced but Daiana is also singing a different tune. Lately, she has been posting cryptic messages on her Twitter and Instagram accounts that suggest that the relationship has taken a violent turn.

The posts seem to have started last June 6 when Daiana tweeted:


This was followed two days later by a series of Instagram posts that began with a photo of a heart-shaped airplane smoke with the caption, “Silence is the best scream”.

She also posted an Instagram collage of her and Benaldo with the caption,

“If A Man Has A Family But They Seem United When Wealthy And He’s Got Only A Woman Beside HIM Thru Thick & thin. IS THE WOMAN WRONG? IS SHE?”

Another Instagram photo of the couple, where the Cagayan De Oro solon was tagged, was captioned, “Grow old with you take care of you. “MISERY LOVES COMPANY” Bec not everyone sees and can appreciate it. @benjobenaldo” prompted one follower to comment, “If he’s physically hurting you, dang gurl, get the eff out!!!”

The rest of her posts were photos of signs that said, “No To Rape” “No To Violence Against Women”, “Stop Violence Against Women” and “Real Men Don’t Use Violence”.

One Instagram photo simply captioned “The End” was more specific.

Daiana shared this photo of her bruised arm, which she soon deleted.

But easily the most intriguing among her posts that she had since deleted was a photo of her bruised arm that implied that she herself was the victim of violence that she was railing against.

By the end of Sunday, Daiana finally tried to make sense out of her posts with an Instagram photo of an iPhone note that said, “I am aware of the posts and they aren’t cool. How can they be cool? But keep silent isn’t the best anymore after I heard they’d believe me only seeing with their own eyes. So time to SPEAK UP. My apologies to those I had to ignore or not give details, even if I do, aside from looking DUMB MYSELF, I wish I had a CCTV, or if I knew, record would do, but “ang sakit”; it’s a physical, sexual and emotional pain that can’t be explained. Besides there are two sides of the coin and I know the other side will fight for defense, since there’s bipolar order, things can be turned around. I had witnesses BUT unfortunately, they’re paid to keep quiet.”

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